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"You can see everything from up here" Destiny after climbing up on her slave's chest in her silver stilettos. Destiny marches up and down on him, her heels marking the spots where she lands before turning to her apprentice tormentor Mistress Ashley and offering her a spin on him with her heels. "Stop wailing" Destiny says as Ashley climbs up and digs in "This is good for you" Ashley's black heels stroll up and down on him as she enjoys her first taste of high heeled discipline, her smiles and laughter growing louder with each dig of her heel tips into him. As Ashley exits his chest, Destiny steps back up, but not before first noticing the dirt left behind on him by Ashley's footwear "It looks like the bottom of your shoes are really dirty, you might want to have him lick that off for you" Ashley wastes no time placing the soles of her shoes over his mouth and ordering him to "lick them clean" as Destiny sinks her heels in his stomach and groin. Destiny soon wants her shoes lapped clean as well and she slides the soles across his tongue, ensuring he swallows every bit of gunk that has accumulated. "I went dancing in these shoes.. they still have disco floor crud on them "Lick them clean" Destiny and Ashley continue back and forth, one digging their heels into him full weight while the other has their shoes serviced by his worthless tongue, his body quickly covered by red hued evidence of their trampling attentions. Rudy back under Destiny's feet where he belongs!


9:29 $10.00 In The Garden of Edyn and Destiny
In The Garden of Edyn and Destiny

This is the second clip we shot with Edyn, but this one is all facesitting instead of having the trampling thrown in. My original thought was to do two ...

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