Selected Video Roommate Trample 7 Clip 01

Roommate Trample 7 was the first girl/girl trample video we did on Digital Tape, so you will see a VERY big difference in the video quality between this one and Roommate 6. As always, it features Mistress Destiny at her stunning 5'11" 140 pound fighting weight and the EVEN TALLER Mistress Kelly Ashton who I believe weighed around 165 pounds at this time (lots of muscle on her) - which made for about 300 pounds of foot crushing fury on tiny Kaitlynn, who became famous for being able to take her trampling punishment. If you get ANY of the Roommate trample clips, this is the one you want. Longer, harder and harsher than all that came before it, this one became the gold standard for female on female trampling. The entire video was 40 minutes long so I broke it into four 10 minutes segments and they are ALL great.


9:29 $10.00 In The Garden of Edyn and Destiny
In The Garden of Edyn and Destiny

This is the second clip we shot with Edyn, but this one is all facesitting instead of having the trampling thrown in. My original thought was to do two ...

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8:48 $9.00 You're Breathing Way Too Much
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