Featured Video In The Garden of Edyn and Destiny

This is the second clip we shot with Edyn, but this one is all facesitting instead of having the trampling thrown in. My original thought was to do two different combo clips that day but during the break after the first clip, Edyn starting asking Destiny some questions about trampling and how we do it at home, etc etc - so naturally, Destiny has me lie down and for the next 15 minutes she and Edyn both take turns treating me like dirt under their feet - and the camera isn't even rolling! All this because we had a slight debate over something that I can't even remember on the drive and she says "Just wait until I get you underneath me when we get there..." Well, after the first clip was over I figured I had nothing to worry about but whatever Edyn said triggered something and here came the punishment. Long story short, I was too sore to take more trample so this one is just smothering with Destiny using ALL of her weight whenever she's sitting on my stomach to really crush me.

Destiny Dirty Foot Worship 01


Description:   This is an old video from 1999, but was shot on digital so still looks pretty nice. Destiny's feet are BLACK with dirt and grime and she forces old slave rudy to lick them clean - bo...

Flip Flop Foot Worship


Description:   Destiny was on her way to the beach after a day of shooting (Yes.. she actually was) and she decided after walking around the dirty studio most of the day, that she needed her feet c...

Destiny and Alexa Foot Worship in 2001 Clip 01


Description:   Short clip of Alexa being forced to worship the feet of Destiny by the pool