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Welcome to MistressDestiny.org - the member video site for the world famous Mistress Destiny and her long running Femdom Forums. Mistress Destiny is best known for dominating her husband, the original creator of fetish sites like smother.com and trample.com and She was also influential in creating some of the very first female on female trampling videos known as the Roommate Trample series. This video site contains not only the older, archived movie footage going back to 1996, but also sporadic videos that She made after retiring in 2000; and now in 2016 She has graced the web once again to create completely new fetish clips! Please join us on this adventure through time as you download clips that were first created 20 years ago and then compare them to the NEW facesitting, trampling, body sitting, foot fetish and other assorted clips that She is creating today!


The MistressDestiny.org member site is not like others you may have joined before so please take a moment to read and understand how it works. You do NOT have to guess how many clips are available that will interest you - everything Mistress Destiny has done is right here and you can see a sample of each clip before you decide to purchase. Where we are VERY different in clip price is that we only sell them to our members. When you become part of our fetish adventures for the low, low price of only $19.87 per month, this entitles you to download $40 worth of clips every month! It's like getting more than double your monies worth of clips compared to buying them one at a time! This credit stays with you as long as you remain a member so that you never lose a single dollar by staying with us. AND, just in case you want to spend your credits somewhere else - KEEP READING!

Your MistressDestiny.org membership status also gives you the right to choose clips from any of the sites that She is affiliated with, which you can see below. They include sites like smother.com - trample.com - footbabes.com and more! If you are a buyer of these kinds of clips, you would be CRAZY not to save yourself money and a whole lot of time because we make it so easy for you to get the new fetish videos you want. Our members simply wait for the update they like, push the download button and off they go! Also, Mistress Destiny LOVES to take requests from her recurring members, so feel free to email them in and if it's something She would like to do as well, She will make it happen!

This is the time and the place to support Mistress Destiny for providing a forum for all trample, foot fetish and facesitting lovers for over 15 years. So many thousands of people thought they were alone with these feelings until She came along and gave us a place to be with one another and realize we all had a common bond - that we LOVE female domination and that we want to be a part of it and that we are not alone! Join with us to help spread the word! You will be VERY glad that you did...